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Love is his way - Striving For Excellence

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Love is his way -Striving For Excellence

General Information

Code of Conduct 

Code of Conduct
(The complete version is available on request)

Purpose of the Code of Conduct
A code of conduct is necessary to achieve the educational aims of the school.
Order, discipline and respect for the rights of each individual form the foundation for attaining success, a happy and safe school environment to facilitate effective education and learning.

Learner's Endorsement of the Code of Conduct
Human Rights – acknowledge that all pupils have the right to human dignity and that all pupils have equal rights. I undertake to give consideration to these rights so that other pupils will not be disadvantaged as a consequence of my actions.
Respect for Teachers – respect my teachers and promise to support them. I promise to be courteous, helpful and obedient towards my teachers.
Respect for Administrative Staff and Visitors – promise to treat the secretaries, caretaker, ground staff and visitors with respect.
Acknowledgment of Multi-Culturalism – respect other learner's differences and promise that I will not act in such a way as to hurt their human dignity.
Respect for Environment and School Facilities – acknowledge the natural environment as a gift from God and I realize that I must protect it. I appreciate the school building and facilities and will encourage other to respect this as well.
Punctuality – I undertake to be punctual for all classes.
Appearance – I will wear my school uniform with pride and will obey the prescribed rule which have been presented to me.
Safety – I will strive not to endanger my fellow Learner's or myself by my actions during class periods, changing of classes, on the school premises, during excursions and on the sports field.
Academic Responsibility – I must take part in the learning in the classroom. I will not disturb other pupils if they want to learn. I will do my homework diligently. I will be honest and not obtain my answers from friends dishonestly.
Role Model – I promise to set a good example. I will strive to maintain a positive attitude towards my school work, teachers and fellow pupils.
School Rules – I will obey the school rules at all times. I will know and understand them.

School Rules

All the children of St. Peter’s Academy have good Manners – We:-

            • Walk/Never Run – only walk in the passages and quad.
            • Are never loud mouthed – never use bad language, swear, scream or back chat. If we             do not have something good to say we rather say nothing.
            • Respect one another – we keep our hand off other learners. Boys show respect to girls             and girls acknowledge this.
            • Never fight – we do not have bullies in our school. We never play dangerous games and             look out for each other.
            • Have good manners – Greet teachers. Stand back and allow an adult to go first. Greet             visitors with – Good morning Sir/Ma’am. Ask permission to use bathroom. We do not walk             around in class. Knock on a door before entering.
            • Respect school property – keep hands and feet off the walls. Do not damage trees,             flowers and plants. Do not write or scratch on desks or furniture.
            • Respect for books – Take extra care of our school and library books. Keep our books             packed neatly and our desks tidy and don’t write in text or library books.
            • Do not litter – we use a dirt bin for rubbish and re-cycle where we can. Do not throw             objects over the walls.
            • Eat healthy – do not bring sweets or junk food to school. Do not chew bubble or chewing             gum.
            • Dress neatly – We take pride in our uniform and keep ourselves clean, neat and tidy. We             keep our hair tidy and our nails short and clean. We look after our clothes.
            • Do not bring personal property – No cell phones, no toys, no valuables to school.             We can use the school phone if necessary. If I bring one I will hand it in to the office until             home time.
            • No loitering – in the bathrooms, hallways, outside classrooms or school gates.
            • Are punctual – we are on time for school. If late we report to the office. We never “bunk”             school.
            • Are proud – we are always proud of ourselves, our school and where we come from.

Uniform Policy
Only the correct stipulated uniform and sports clothes may be worn and the correct suitcase used. All items must be marked.
Boys – Keep hands out of pockets and shirts tucked in. Hair short and no fancy haircuts “steps” allowed. Only grey or nave socks are allowed.
Girls – Hair must be tied with only a red or blue ribbon or elastic. No dyed hair, attachments, or wigs are allowed. NO make-up, nail polish is allowed. If braiding/weaving is done it must be kept plain and simple. No fancy styles.

Handling / Action towards Offence

Offences will be categorized as follows:
Major Offences
            • Inappropriate photographs or material.
            • Swearing (habitual) including blasphemy.
            • Physical, (verbal or otherwise) abuse.
            • Teacher abuse (verbal or otherwise) abuse.
            • Disrupting the class.
            • Shirking responsibilities and duties.
            • Habitual backchat, mumbling, tantrums, etc.
            • Arrogant disrespect for authority.
            • Absence without leave.
            • Vandalism.
            • Possession of any illegal substances.
            • Theft or any other form of dishonesty.
            • Cheating.
When any of the above behavioral problems are displayed by a learner, his/her parents will be contacted by the Principal. If there is no improvement in the learner’s behavior after this consultation, suspension for 5 days or longer will be considered. If he/she manages to reflect an improvement within these five days, he/she may return to school with a letter in which he/she undertake to abide by the rules in future.

Continuous offences can lead to expulsion.
Minor Offences
            • Swearing (once off)
            • Homework not done (not habitual)
            • School uniform: un-kept, untidy appearance, incorrect hairstyle
            • Late for class: dawdling
            • Stationery: Never having any or the correct stationery
            • Untidiness in books and desk
            • Backchat (not habitual)
These offences justify three warnings followed by detention.

Detention Classes (Grades 1-7)

The Governing Body has approved the introduction of detention classes which must now be seen as part of school policy. To ensure that no misunderstandings occur between the school, pupil and parent regarding these detention classes the following explanation is issued:
            • Detention must be seen as an extension of the disciplinary policy of the school. It             is not only for behavioral problems, but for all disciplinary problems.
            • Detention is seen as a last resort, when other forms of discipline have not been             successful.
            • Detention will be held on Saturdays 09:00 – 11:00.
            • The offenders will be given three warnings, and then sent to detention class. In the case             of an offender failing to attend a detention class the parents will be contacted.
            • A letter will be sent to the parent on the Wednesday preceding the detention class. In the             case of an offender failing to attend a detention class the parents will be contacted.
            • Learners in detention will be given constructive work to do in the detention class.
            • A learner who constantly goes to detention will enforce a follow-up meeting with the             parents to discuss ways of overcoming problems that might exist.
            • Learner will receive a letter from the Principal in the case of recurring offences. This letter             must be viewed as a very serious matter.
            • Any letter of excuse (no oral excuses will be accepted) must be handed to the Principal             the day before detention.
            • Any learner, who cannot attend a detention class and is excused, must attend the             following week.

Homework Policy

What is homework?  It is work that must be done at home by you not your parent. Homework is a time to reflect on the day’s work, time to test your recollection and consolidate what was done in class. Homework is given every day!
Important points of homework:
            • It should test your understanding of the work done in class.
            • Draw up a homework time table/schedule.
            • It is a carry-over from school to the home. SCHOOL + HOME = CONTINUITY
Parents must check that the homework is done and only then sign the homework book.

Parents are highly motivated coaches and can make a big difference!
Healthy foods: Avoid tea, coffee, sweets and coke!
Sleep: Enough sleep will help you grow. Children need at least 9 – 10 hours sleep.
Reading: Go to the Local Library – reading is knowledge and practice makes perfect! Read newspapers, magazines. Reading together strengthens parent/child bonds.
Limit T.V: Don’t become a coach potato. Rather watch Educational Programs and news.
Maths: Practice, practice, practice TIME TABLES.
Calculations: Taxi fares, change etc.
Writing: Practice your writing skills. Write letters and notes to family members. Always write neatly.

Space to study: Find a good, quiet place to study.
Time: Be time wise and don’t waste time. Find the best time to study.
Motivate: Parents support and motivation is important.
Analyse test and exam results: Reflect on successes and failures, and identify the reasons for them.
Goals: Talk about your goals and set goals for the term ahead.
Determine study strategies: Discuss the plan for next tem, e.g. studying two hours a day, with a friend, in a study group, mind maps, question papers.
Discuss: Your progress and the reasons for good and bad marks and ways to improve.
Books: Make sure your books are up to date

Believe: You can do it! 

Abide by the exam rules! 

Exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep!.

Mission Statement

 To provide children with a well balanced, solid foundation in Education, this is achieved through:
                • Small classes
                • Christian values
                • Belief in “You can achieve”
                • Encouragement of the individual and independent thought
                • Development of a positive self image
                • Respect for self and others
                • Acceptance of each other
                • 100% parent participation – working hand in hand

School Clothing


Summer :
Short sleeve Check shirt red and white obtainable from school clothing bank
Navy Blue Shorts
Black School shoes, Navy Blue jersey with
Grey Socks

Long Sleeve - Check shirt red and White obtainable from school clothing bank
Long navy Blue trousers - obtainable from Woolworths, Ackermanns, and Pep Stores
Navy Blue Jersey
Black Shoes
Grey Socks
Or Track Suit - obtainable from school - with check long sleeve


Check school dress red and white - provide by school clothing bank 
White Socks
Black school shoes
Navy Blue jersey

Check School dress red and white - provide by school clothing bank 
Navy Blue Jersey
Navy Blue stockings
or School track suit with check shirt

Physical Education
White PT Top short sleeve 
Navy Blue Shorts
White Tackies
White or Navy Blue socks

School Blazer
 It is compulsory that Grade 7 wear a Blue Blazer with the school Badge - obtainable from school bank 
Suite Cases
Only navy Blue Suite cases permitted.
Physical Education and Sports kit

Our School Song

We are small and we are weak
But in our school for thee we’ll speak
You have taught us to love and care
We’ll take this attitude everywhere

Love is His way, love is His way
That is the motto of our school
Love is His way, love is His way
Teach us to live it Lord, day by day

Plant our roots deep in the ground
So that our morals may be sound
Give us wings that we might soar
To your great heights for evermore

Love is His way, love is His way
That is the motto of our school
Love is His way, love is His way
Teach us to live it Lord, day by day

Different cultures we might be
But here we become a family
Children, Teachers and Parents too!
St. Peter’s Academy we honour you

Love is His way, love is His way
That is the motto of our school
Love is His way, love is His way
Teach us to live it Lord, day by day


12 John Walls Street,


Phone: 021 853 4717                     
Fax: 021 853 4717


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